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Summer Vacation 2008 - KL to BSB

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We woke up again this morning without any real plans. We had the morning left in KL, then we had to make our way out to the airport to fly to BSB, in Brunei. Without any real plans for the morning it took us even longer to get going.

We did a little bit of packing then hit breakfast. Court has had a sore throat for a week or so, and seeing this was our last day in KL we thought we'd get her checked out at the clinic. We were going to go to a clinic from LP, which happened to be across town. But, Court asked at the front desk just before we left. It turns out there was a clinic two doors down the street from our hotel. We hit up the clinic, saw the doctor, and Court got some medicine.

After we finished at the clinic, we decided we should go back and check out of the hotel before we went anywhere else. We squared up our bill and got them to watch our big backpacks as we headed out for the morning. On the way to the station, we walked by a cafe with a shelf of hookahs (water pipes) outside.


We saw signs around for a hop-on hop-off bus that does a circuit of the city. Unfortunately, at MYR32, we realized that it wasn't a good value for us, seeing we only had an hour or two to ride the bus. We went back to KLCC to walk around the gardens at the base of the Petronas Towers instead. After shooting some video around the park we went into the mall for some grub. We settled on a Indian restaurant. Actually, Court decided and I was standing next to her in line and got pressured into ordering something by the guy behind the counter. Oh well, it was quite good. After lunch we had a few more things to pick up and then it was back to our hotel to get our bags.

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Our trip back was uneventful. We got our bags and went outside to try to convince a cabbie to use their meter to take us to the bus stop. But, once the cabbie found out where we wanted to go he would never use the meter. The conversations would always go like this:

Us: Do you have a meter?
Cabbie: Where are you going?
Us: KL Sentral station
Cabbie: 10 Ringgits
Us: No. It's too expensive. Use your meter and we'll go with you.
Cabbie: No. And he shut his door or point us to other cabbies.

Needless to say, we took the monorail back to KL Sentral station with just enough time to get a sub from Subway to eat before we got on the plane. We got the subs and went back down to where the buses were and everyone started yelling at us to get on their bus to the airport. We choose the actual AirAsia bus. It was quite nightclub swank. It had good leg room, and nice faux leather seats. The actual ride was nothing to write home about.

Once we arrived at the airport we went to check in for our flight. This is always a bit of experience with AirAsia. If you've never travelled to southeast Asia, it's important to remember that lines don't always count or matter. We were waiting in line, or we thought we were waiting in line, when four people came and cut in front of us. As we were waiting longer, even more people came up and started crowding us to the front of the line. But, there was nothing we could do. The family in front of us was trying to check 10 bags. It was crazy. We gave our bags and what was left of Court's sanity to the AirAsia staff, then we were out of there. We had to search for some chairs to eat our Subway spread. It took too long for us to find some chairs. There aren't many in the airport at all. But, don't worry, we persevered and found some.

AirAsia doesn't assign seats for their flights. If you want you can pay extra and buy express boarding which lets you start the race to the plane before everyone else. This means you get your choice of seats. I didn't buy express boarding for the flight to BSB because I didn't think it would be too crowded.


Because of this we got in line as soon as we went through security. We were about 8th in line. We watched the people with express boarding go and then they let us go. The people in front of us weren't too pushy, but there were two Malaysian women who were trying to move as fast as they could to get on the plane. But, they were weighed down by all the stuff that they bought. Don't worry, we beat them on to the plane. We got our two seats together and we were off.

The flight again was nothing special. But, our deplaning experience was outstanding. 25 minutes. From the time our plane doors opened, we went through customs, immigration, got our bags and a cab to our hotel. I didn't think that fast was possible, it was our travel four-minute mile. But, now it will always be our challenge to beat it.

And now we are in Brunei. Tomorrow we will explore BSB some more.

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Looking forward to hearing about your experiences in Brunei. From what I've heard, it's quite an incredible place.


by dr.pepper

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