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Wait Time(3taxi + 3bus + 2ferry + 1plane) = TOO long

Summer Vacation 2008 - BSB to Sandakan turns out to be more difficult than expected

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Court found the best way to way to get from BSB to Kota Kinabalu (KK) in Malaysia online before we left Japan. We took a little time yesterday double checking that this info was accurate, which it was. However, for reasons beyond our control, our travel day didn't work as smoothly as planned. The plan was to take a bus to the ferry terminal outside BSB, then catch the ferry to Pulau Labuan in Malaysia, and finally a high speed ferry to Kota Kinabalu. This would give us more than enough time to square up our bill for the river cruise, eat, and get out the airport for our flight.

Now, here's what actually happened.

We got up, finished packing and checked out of our room before 7:00. We had arranged a taxi to take us to the bus station for the 7:20 bus. So far, still on the plan. The bus left on time and we got to the ferry terminal in time for the 8:30 ferry. We had to go through immigration and all that good stuff. We actually got on to the ferry at 8:28 which should have been our first clue things weren't quite right. At this point things started to go off plan.

The ferry actually left the dock at 9:00 not 8:30. This wasn't too bad but it came back to bite us later on. We arrived in Labuan and had to do Malaysian immigration. We got through and went to buy tickets for the 1:00 pm ferry to Kota Kinabalu. Except the ferry was full. I asked how we could get to KK today and the ticket lady laid out how to do it. A lot of buses and speed boats in Malaysia won't leave until they are full. We remembered this from last year.

I quickly rounded up the other European travelers and arranged for us to travel together. There was a couple from Poland, a Spanish couple and a French family of four. We all ended up on the same boat to Menumbok. I figured if we had lots of people in our group, we'd fill up any bus or boat we arrived at. The boat ride was again uneventful and not too bad.

The next step was to take a bus from Menumbok to KK. This was a lot harder than we thought. We arrived at the “bus station” to find about 50 other people waiting for the bus. Except no one really knew when the bus was going to arrive. We heard somewhere between 11:30 and 12:30. But we also heard some people had been waiting for hours. We tried to find out about taxis but there was no one to help. It was quite frustrating.

We eventually got some help from a local guy who explained we should take a mini bus to Beaufort then catch another bus to KK. I was fine with this plan. At least we would be moving and not waiting around forever.

We jumped into the next mini bus that came along. There was us, the Spanish couple, and the Polish couple, plus four local women. We all got in the minibus, then they crammed our bags in, mostly on top of Court. It was full. It took us about an hour and a half to get to Beaufort.

Once we got to Beaufort we had to wait for another bus to come take us to KK. Again, no one really knew what time the bus was going to come. We waited. Luckily 30 minutes later the bus arrived. First a small bus came then a big bus came. Everyone was trying to get on the small bus and then quickly everyone shifted over to the big bus. We didn't get on the big bus quick enough to get a seat so we had to take the small bus.

The big bus left while we still waited. We saw our driver get off and have a smoke. Then we waited some more and more. It started to pour rain. I was glad we were on the bus. And we waited more and more. We had no idea what was going on. No one told us anything. We waited for a good 45 minutes then we found out the bus driver was waiting for more people to come fill up the bus. Once we knew that we understood, but we were still frustrated by having to wait. Especially because the big bus left an hour before us.

We got on our way but Court and I were both worried: our bus sounded like a lawnmower. We thought it was going to take an hour to get to KK. But it took us about 2 hours to get there. It seemed like we were going sooooo slow.

We eventually got to KK and tried to ask someone to tell us where we were on our map. But no one would. One guy kept asking us where we were going, and we repeatedly told him the general area. He kept saying you need a destination. Annoyingly, this went on for 2 or 3 minutes. We left his company, and split a cab downtown with the Spanish couple.

We dropped them off at their hotel and we convinced our cabby to help us run our errands. First we had him go by the tour office so we could square up our river cruise. The cabby was sure the office was closed. He was nice enough to let us use his phone to call. The office was closed. Not only was it closed, but the office had also moved. The woman from the office agreed to meet us and the cabby found out where the new office was. Court waited in the cab for me to run and pay our bill.

I went in to square up but they didn't accept credit card and I didn't have enough cash to pay. In the end we didn't get to square up our bill. We'll have to pay when we get to the lodge.

Finally the cabby agreed to take us out to the airport for our flight from KK to Sandakan. I figured Court would feel a whole lot better once she got out there. The day left her feeling a little worse for wear.


We were quite early for our flight We checked our bags and went to get something to eat.

We waited around for our flight which was quick up and down flight. Then caught a cab to our next hotel in Sandakan to see some highlights from the Olympics. Tomorrow we are off on our Kinabatangan River cruise.

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What an ordeal! Gotta hate it when things work out so painstakingly slow!

by dr.pepper

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