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When in Kota Kinabalu, go to the mall.

Summer Vacation 2008 - Killing time before the return journey

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We woke up around 8:30 and didn't have much planned for the day. We had some shopping to do and since we were next to the 1Borneo Hypermall we thought we'd do it all there. We finally got checked out of our room at 10:00 am, the latest we were allowed to. Even though it's 'hyper', it's still a mall. There is only a certain amount of time we want to spend in a mall.

Before we checked out of our room and set out into the mall Court noticed this arrow on the ceiling in our hotel room. We'd noticed them in other hotel rooms but this one had writing on it. The writing clued us in on what they are for. They point to Mecca. That way for Islamic people they know which way to pray towards. Brilliant!


We arranged our taxi to the airport for 15:00 and set out into the mall. We were a little bit early and nothing was open yet. This meant a short stop at Starbucks. The short stop turned into a good 1.5 hours there. This time passed by with me reading and Court editing our blog posts. It was kind of relaxing.

Outside, there was a children's drawing and colouring competition going on, with MYR20,000 in prizes up for grabs. We could hear some of the announcements being made. One of the first ones we heard was, “Parents please let the children use their own creativity for their picture.” This one didn't seem to work. Later on we heard, “Parents please leave the colouring area.” Needless to say, we were not surprised that the parents were trying to hover over and help their kids.

IMG_0078.jpg IMG_6132.jpg

After Starbucks, we went to find Court some shoes and pants. This was not successful. But I did find a watch. Oh Court got one too. I was without a watch for most of the vacation. Mine died part way in. For people who know me, this was quite frustrating. We bought nice Japanese-made Casio watches, in Malaysia. There has to be some irony in there somewhere. We spent the rest of the time looking for souvenirs, shoes, and pants. The souvenir shopping was successful; pants and shoes, not so much.

We also got some pizza at Pizza Hut. We wanted some real pizza, no corn or mayo, before we came back to Japan. After lunch, we looked at our new watches, and realized we were running out of time. We had to pick up the pace and get the last few things we wanted.

We managed to do that with minimal stress and got back just in time for our taxi ride. The rest of the day was spent on airplanes or waiting in airports. Not too much exciting happened.

When we were in the KL airport we looked up at the board to make sure our flight was on time. When we noticed something interesting. You may not remember our travel troubles last year but you can read about them here and here. We saw on the board that an Air China flight to Beijing, the same flight we took last year, was canceled. Not delayed, as was the case for us, but full-on canceled. We felt kind of bad about all the people on that flight, then thought, “Thank god that's not us!” and went on our way.

We sat in our seats on the red-eye flight back to Osaka. We were in the middle row, the one with five seats. We were the two seats on one end. We were sitting patiently when a family of four, two parents, a girl (maybe four years old) and a toddler (about two years old) showed up. We gave each other a look that was, “If these kids...”. I like kids and am patient with them but I was not in the mood for screaming kids on the plane. But, they are Japanese kids and ten minutes after we took off they were out cold and we didn't hear a sound from them until we arrived. Hooray for Japanese kids! Whew!

We arrived back and had to get cash for our bus ride home. But, the bank machine that was there wouldn't accept my card until after 8:00. It was 7:40. Right, Japanese bank machines have hours they are open. They usually close at 22:00. It makes no sense to me. I finally got some cash, but not quick enough. We missed the bus we wanted to take. That was fine. We just waited for the next one. We got to the station took a cab and we were home. It did not feel like we were gone for two weeks. The conclusion for this vacation was we want to go back to Malaysia, but we really should go to other countries too!

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