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Which one did the long flight get? Winter Vacation 2008/2009 - day 1

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Andrew and Courtney’s first rule of travel, if you have more than one leg of unequal lengths in your journey, you will be on the older, smaller , less spacious airplane for the longer leg of your journey.

We learned this early this morning. We met our cab at 6:00, caught our bus at 6:15, and got our first flight at 8:00. As we were walking on the Boeing 777-300, heading to row 11, we walked through business class, the really expensive seats with as much room as a family sized car, into first class with the same amount of space as a small car, when we stumbled onto our row. I was blown away; I actually checked with the flight attendant to make sure we were in the correct row. Our seats had a ‘bed’ button which would fully recline and lower your seat down to within about 10 inches of the floor. Completely horizonal. Then you could actually get a good sleep. I obviously had to try this button but I was actually creeped out by the results; it felt so strange to be able to totally recline on asn aircraft. But, about five hours into a transoceanic flight, it would be a godsend. The only problem with these seats was we were only privy to them for a little over an hour before we landed in Tokyo.

We figured if they put the new version of the 777 on the Osaka to Tokyo run we’d have something nice for the trip to Bangkok. We were enthralled and betting on if we’d get the same quality of seat or not. Obviously the correct answer is, not. It was the older version of the 777, with business class and coach. We were back to the normal cattlecar seats for our 8 hour flight to Bangkok. Other than the disappointment brought on by the older model it was an uneventful flight. We felt bad for the five month old in front of us who wailed himself to sleep during landing. His mom apologized to us on the way off the plane but there was nothing she could do. And we really didn’t care. But I was definitely sensing an uncomfortable, angry vibe from the other passengers.

Aside: after our last trip, we were tired of lugging our larger-than-necessary backpacks around with us. We always had to wait to get them after we arrived in a new place or we found if we had to kill a day it was a huge pain to find a way to deal with them. With this in mind we bought new, smaller backpacks. Courtney’s is a 35 L Millet pack and mine is a 40 L Millet pack. After we had our packs crammed full we brought out the measuring tape to do the carry on check. Our measurements last night had us borderline; if some agent wanted to get technical they could probably make us check the bags. I am proud to report that we didn’t have to check anything and did carryon all the way here. With our immigration cards filled out and in hand it took us about 20 minutes to de-plane and go through customs.

This is Court with our bags.


The only problem with clearing customs so quickly is, at 5:30, we are now waiting for our 7:45 flight to Chiang Mai. We went through security two hours early to get away from everyone asking if we wanted a taxi or if we needed help. We expected that the questions from everyone were coming; it is southeast Asia. For our sanity we decided to delay having to deal them as much as possible.

Courtney ordering at the restaurant in the airport.


We're back in South East Asia, we bought a fruit plate.


Hopefully we have only funny/entertaining things to report from our flight to Chiang Mai and our transfer and check in to our hotel.

Not from December 24th, it was an easy and uneventful trip to our hotel in Chiang Mai.

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