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...shopping for the kitchen has never been so overwhelming

Big utensils are terrific. The one on the left is a rolling pin. Yeah, I know!

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So we had to go up to Namba for some additional training this Friday past, and we had a couple of kitchen implements we needed to purchase, so we made another trip to Diagon Alley. Seriously, this place has everything you could want for the kitchen and then some. We bought a cheese grater, a butter dish, a kettle and a sink plug. The funny thing is, when we went up to the counter to pay for everything, the man told us (in pretty good English) that if the plug didn't fit the drain, we could bring it back. I could've hugged him. We've had a the most crap time trying to do dishes with a plug that just fits over the drain instead of into it. So now we'll hopefully save on our water bill. I'm pleased about the cheese grater; now I can find some cheddar and have macaroni with cheese.

Oh, there were a group of people who seemed to be handing out free samples of something on toothpicks. I assume if it's on a toothpick, it must be something to eat. So I took one, as I was really hungry and we were on our way to lunch anyway. Everyone (and there were about 20 in this group) stopped and looked at me as I put the green, jelly-ish cube into my mouth and started chewing. Some guy (I can only assume he was a supervisor of sorts) came over and started talking to the guys who handed me the sample, while simultaneously gesturing in my general direction. At this point I discovered that whatever I had put into my mouth could not have been meant for consumption. Or if it was meant for consumption, it shouldn't have been. It tasted like I don't even know what, and had the texture of agarose gel (the stuff microbiologists use to grow bacteria in the lab). This fact leads me to believe that it is some sort of seaweed-derived product. All in all, a fantastic snack idea if you're at all peckish... Anyhow, by this time we had started to walk away, and after chewing for a while, I turned to Andrew and asked for a tissue because "I can't have this stuff in my mouth one second longer." After the tissue I asked for something to kill the taste (after-coffee mints did the trick). Thank goodness we were on our way to Wendy's for lunch, so I could cleanse my palette.

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