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Umeda Sky Building

Finally a full day off

For the last three weeks we have been doing an extra shift of OT on Thursdays and have had some sort of training on Friday morning. So, we haven't had a full day off in three weeks. And today was our first one. (And I actually got a call from ECC to go work OT today, but I declined that offer).

The problem with not having a full day off in three weeks is all the little things didn't get done around our apartment. So we had to spend the morning cleaning the apartment. It was a great way to spend our morning off. Then we went exploring around Juso and found a really nice temple and a huge grocery store. It was a productive morning.

In the afternoon we decided to go up the Umeda Sky Building to get a view of the city. The sad thing is all you see when you go up the building is city. The Umeda Sky Building is the really tall buidling directly across the river from our apartment. You take an elevator up to the 34th floor then you take an escalator from one building to the other. Then you walk up another floor and you get a view of the city.

USB - USB 2.jpg USB - USB.jpg USB - Escaltor.jpg

In the lobby at the top of the building they had this diorama set up that displays Dotonbori (a part of downtown Osaka) as it was when it was first founded. All the dolls were made of paper, as well as their clothes and their hair. The pictures don't do the detail justice. (Side note: Courtney wanted to put the Gnome in the diorama and take a picture, but I suggested that it wouldn't be the best idea (ok, I lied. It was me that suggested this)).

USB - Diorama 1.jpg USB - Diorama 2.jpg

These are a few shots taken from the top of the building. They are all taken in a different direction.

USB - Umeda 1.jpg
USB - Umeda 2.jpg
USB - Umeda 3.jpg
USB - Umeda 4.jpg

I find it interesting what a lack of space does to your construction and design ideas. Back home, we just keep building out because we have lots of space. Here they have to think vertically and build everything up because they don't have space. For example, this school that had to put their pool on top of their building (I think the engineers here are a little bit better than the folks that built Fenwick. They can actually use this pool).

USB - Pool.jpg

This is my favorite picture from the day, it is our apartment. Well, the apartment above our apartment. We put some money in one of the binoculars and held the camera up to the eyepiece and took this picture.

USB - apartment.jpg

Here are a few other fun shots from the top of the building.

USB - reflection.jpg USB - Us.jpg

A the bottom of the Umeda Sky Building they have a replica of an old Japanese street. It is really impressive and they put a lot of effort into the detail.

USB - Temple.jpg USB - Craz..e thing.jpg

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