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4 month Japanninversary

And the new Baby...

Today is our 4 month Japanniversary. I can't believe we have been here for 4 months already. The time has flown by so far and it only seems to be picking up speed. I'm afraid we'll be home in no time.

And, here's the new baby...

Camera - Camera 1.jpg Camera - Camera 2.jpg Camera - Camera 3.jpg

In honour of our 4 month Jappaniversary we set out yesterday to get some groceries. We went into our favourite electronics store, Yodobashi Camera to poke around and found something disastorous. The camera Courtney has been looking at for two months went on sale, ¥6,000 off (about $60) today only, combining that with our ¥5,000 Internet sign-up coupon and all the points we have saved up, (you get points depending on how much you spend, each point is worth ¥1) we took the plunge. We really wanted this before our big trip to Hokkaido and all these savings pushed us over the edge. Then once we bought everything the sales clerk gave us a ¥10,000 ($100) Mail-in-Rebate. In return, we taught him the phrase, "Mail-in-Rebate".

Side note: After working at the Future Shop for so long, I have become the easiest customer around, as long as I like the sales clerk. The sales clerk managed to "upsell" us (I mean me) on a lens filter, a protector for the LCD screen, an extra battery and a better quality memory card by asking, "Do you want a lens filter?" in his barely passable English. Courtney on the other hand is still the worst kind of customer. "How much does it cost? No."

So after all of our savings we got the camera, an extra battery, a lens filter, a 1GB Memory Card, a Memory card case and a memory card reader for less than the regular price of the camera. It was good a buy. And if only this blog was a business we could deduct it. Wait, we're trying to stay under Revenue Canada's Radar.

We spent most of last night figuring out how to work all the functions on the camera. The hardest part for Courtney was to wait for the battery to charge. (For those of you who assume this would have been the hardest part for me, I had some other toys to play with). We eventually got it turned on and took a couple pictures.

Once we got the basics down it was time to figure out what happens when you adjust the shutter speed, the F-Stop or the ISO speed or any of the other stuff. This was the rest of our evening. What would happen is Courtney would adjust something and I would be the model to see what happens. We have a lot of shots of me waving my hand up and down and lots shots of me sitting in the dark. But, out of all of them this the best set that we came up with. It is awesome if you download them and open with with a program that lets you go quickly from one picture to the next. (It's like the old flip books or an old stop motion Lego video about racism without a voice track).

Camera - AC 1.jpg Camera - AC 2.jpg Camera - AC 3.jpg Camera - AC 4.jpg Camera - AC 5.jpg Camera - AC 6.jpg

We eventually, sort of figured out what happens when you adjust the settings. Courtney will have to take a class to really learn what things do.

This morning Courtney had to go do an ECC Junior event, so I took the camera out for a test run.

There was a baseball game going next to our apartment, so I took this shot from our roof. You can actually see the baseball. I was pleased by this.

Camera - Baseball.jpg

After the roof I went down to our neighbourhood "dirt" park. There is no grass, only dirt to play with some more settings. I really wanted to take a picture of a bird in flight. The problem is there are only pigeons and little sparrows there. And, them sparrows are bastards to catch. So I have lots of pictures of pigeons. I'm told they're like Courtney's chipmunk pictures, but I can delete these ones really easily and I actually have pigeons in my pictures.

Camera - Pigeon.jpg

I also took a shot of this little dog and these Japanese men playing Go.

Camera - Go1.jpg Camera - Little Dog.jpg

After the dirt park, I went to the new temple we found to take some more shots. These are the ones I really like. By adjusting one setting I can change the focus.

Camera - Paper 1.jpg Camera - Paper 2.jpg

I also like this shot of the homeless guy sleeping in the play equipment.

Camera - Homeless.jpg

Anyways, with this new toy we will have lots and lots of pictures to post.

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