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Freakin' awesome. Freakin' weird.

So we saw Coldplay last Saturday night at the Osaka Intex Hall, which is basically a large gym with great acoustics. The concert was awesome, Coldplay sounded great, but the whole thing was really strange.

First off, the show started at 6:00 and went until 8:00 pm. Which to us seemed really really early. Especially because we all got off around 4:30 and had to get some food and get to the concert site. We ended up being about 20 minutes late, but that was ok.

When we got to the concert site, we just showed them our tickets and went in. They didn't stop to check our bags or anything. If only we weren't late we could have snuck in a lot of booze.

Then when we got there the hall was divided into a bunch of different sections and each section was standing room only. Your tickets assigned you to a different section; ours was at the back. Which was fine because I could stand on my tip-toes and see over everyone. Courtney, on the other hand, couldn't see a freaking thing and this girl in front of her kept invading her space, even though the girl had lots of her own. Argh! (So some things weren't that different!)

Once we got there and found a spot to claim, we realized how weird this concert actually was. First, Chris Martin didn't say anything in between his songs because hardly anyone could understand if he did. Secondly, in between each song everyone applauded with appreciation. This applause then stopped, and was followed by DEAD silence. It was so quiet I could talk to our friends that were probably 30 feet away. Then everyone would wait for them to play their next song. I said it was like going to the symphony back home. It was really really strange. Thirdly, during every song, there was clapping to the rhythm. Which is all well and good, but the crowd was clapping to EVERY beat in the rhythm. It was like going to see a figure skating competition. Exactly like that. You know what I'm talking about. Stir-ain-juh.

On the flip side it was a really good way to see Coldplay. They sounded amazing live. Just like the CD, but with the drum and bass cranked a bit. Haven't seen a live band this good since the Watchmen at SnowJam (you were there, T; you remember). I've talked to other teachers here and they've said concerts here are great because not many Japanese people know Western rock bands so they play in smaller venues and have smaller crowds. So we'll probably go check out a few more shows before we leave.

Anyways, here are some shots from the concert.

Coldplay - Concert 1.jpgColdplay - Concert 3.jpg Coldplay - Concert 4.jpg

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You saw Coldplay in Japan...

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