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Escaping the city heat (better known as summer vacation)VIII

Day 9 - Another day in Furano

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This night we were moved into a private room that had tatami mats, which was really comfortable. We woke up in the morning and were starting to pack our bags. We were supposed to go to another hostel in Furano. We were half way through packing our things when Court suggested we should stay here for another night. She went down to see if they had another room avaiable and they did. This time out back in the log cabin. Between the private room, the mountains, the good food and the outdoor onsen we decided to stay one more night. The other hostel wasn't too happy when we called to cancel. But, that's ok.

We did our typical morning routine. Onsenned, ate breakfast and hit the road. We went back into Furano to go rafting. The rafting trip wasn't leaving until 13:00 and we got to Furano around 11:30. We went back and got some more konbini bento food and found a park to sit in and eat. After we ate we both took a little nap on a park bench.

After lunch we set off to find where we were going. Once again our GPS led us close to the target, but not quite there. It took us a little longer to get there, but we made it. We were there a little early so I hit up the driving range and hit a bucket of balls while we waited. Court unsuccessfully explored for a non-stinky, non-squat toilet.

We eventually got going in the rafting van for an hour up into the mountains. There was us and two Japanese girls and we met another Japanese couple when we got to the rafts.

Court got really excited as we were travelling when we passed a curling rink. I think she really wanted to stop and get out but we had already paid for rafting.

They gave us dry suit to wear for rafting, along with the requisite helmets.

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We don't have a lot of picture from rafting because we didn't take our cameras. But it was gorgeous out there. We passed two big groups of people fishing and there was a lot of rhubarb growing along the side of the river.

Before we got in the water we set the raft up and went over how to paddle and different commands. We understood these even though they were in Japanese. Once again, our guide couldn't speak English. The only problem was the two Japanese girls that were there. I don't think we needed to give them a paddle. One poor girl just couldn't wrap her brain around paddling backwards. The other one couldn't wrap her head around paddling in either direction. They just couldn't do it. Actually, now that I come to think of it, I don't think anyone of us needed to paddle; our guide was good enough to get us down the river by himself.

Rafting was a very nice way to spend this day; it was kind of cloudy and not too hot. We stopped in a couple spots and we could hop out and go swimming. Well, float down the river. And another spot we stopped at you had the option of jumping off a cliff into the river. We both decided to pass on this one, been there done that. Actually, I think we talked about this before we even got near the river and decided to pass. The other Japanese guy we were with did jump off. I think he tried to do a flip but he didn't make it all the way around and did a bit of a back flop.

We hit a few decent sized rapids and there was once I thought I was going over, but they may also have been because I was sitting on the very edge of the raft. It was still fun though. And we saw our first rainbow in Japan!

Once we got out of the river we had to high tail it back to the hostel. We left Furano at 18:00 and supper at the hostel goes from 18:00 to 19:00. Our GPS unit said it was going to take us 1h45min to get back. Which I then took as a challenge. We called the hostel and said we would be back at 19:15 and lo and behold we pulled into the parking lot at 19:15. Yes, they did keep our dinner out for us.

After this we onsenned and relaxed out in the log cabin. It was a long but good day.

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