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Our New Apartment

We are ok, we just moved.

A week before our summer vacation our Aussie friends said they found a new apartment. They told us how nice it was and that it was a lot cheaper than what we were paying in Juso. When we heard this Court and I decided we should move as well.

We looked a at a couple of places before we went and when we got back from our holiday. These places were just ok. But, then we helped our friends move to their new apartment and started looking around. We eventually decided, hey this place is great. Let's move here. We called the landlord and they had a couple places open. There was one on the second floor with an air conditioner and there was one on the third floor, without an air conditioner, but it had a fancy toilet seat. I'll leave it up to you to decide which one we took.

We moved on September 15th. We rented a van first thing in the morning; yes I was driving. Which actually wasn't too bad after I got used to driving on the other side of the road. Plus, we had the GPS so it could tell me exactly where to go. It was a pretty damn good and efficient move. We were all moved into our new apartment(2 trips), went to Costco, bought stuff for our kitchen and had the van returned all with 10 hours. (Side note: It takes about 1 hour from our old apartment to our new apartment with traffic). I think this good move means we've moved too much; that and Court is a superb packer. We jammed a lot of stuff into the van.

Our apartment was unfurnished which was a bit of a bummer. But we looked around for people who were having sayonara sales and we found a Canadian couple that were moving back to Canada. He was a pilot who worked for ANA, but she was pregnant so they wanted to move home. They had bought all new appliances a year and half ago and they were all in great shape. I sent him an email and gave him a list of what we wanted. He wrote back and said, that's all we have left. Basically we bought everything that they still had remaining. We got a real fridge, a microwave/oven combo, an iron/ironing board, a closet organizer, a TV stand, a washing machine and lots of other odds and ends for 61,000 yen or about $600 Canadian. We figure when we leave we can sell this all again for about what we paid. Oh yeah, and because he was a pilot they flew a queen size mattress over but now they couldn't take it back. So we got that as well. Now Courtney and I sleep perpendicularily to each other, just because can.

Our new apartment is awesome. I didn't think our old one was bad but after we moved in here we had to go back and clean our old apartment. What a dump. We counted and we can have 8 people in our new apartment in different areas and if we closed the doors and curtains they wouldn't know they were here. (It would be the perfect drink alone party.)

I suppose by now you just want to see some pictures. For interest sake you should compare these shots to our old apartment and remember our new apartment is $250 cheaper than our old one.

The Door and Entrance Way-

NA - Door.jpg NA - Entryway .jpg

I suppose it's not that special it's an entrance way. But, we can now have two or three people stand here and not have to stand on each other.

The Kitchen -

NA - Kitchen.jpg NA - Fridge.jpg NA - Oven.jpg NA - Kitchen Table.jpg

We actually have a real kitchen now. Court came up with the idea and we built a counter out of modular pieces, it's kind of like adult Construx. Now we have an actual place to prepare food and an oven so we can make baked potatoes. We also have a good sized freezer in our fridge so we can but lots of meat and freeze it. We also have room in our kitchen for a kitchen table. (Well a card table that we put in the kitchen, therefore a kitchen table. But it still works for us).

After the kitchen you have a choice: you can go to the living room or the bedroom. We'll go to the living room.

The Living Room -

NA - LR.jpg
NA - LR 2.jpg

This is actually a very good sized living room. We bought a chair and a couch. The couch is long enough that I can stretch out on it. It also folds down in a bed for any visitors that may come over (Hint, Hint). I don't have a whole lot else to say about it, it's a bigger nicer living room than we had before.

The Bedroom -

NA - Bedroom 2.jpg NA - Bedroom 3.jpgNA - Bedroom.jpg

Our bedroom is huge. There is lots of space and lots of storage space. One wall is all closets. You are supposed to use one of the closests to put your futon away, but we went the bed route so we don't need that. Keep in mind in the above picture that is a Queen size bed in the middle of the room and we still have lots of space.

The toilet -

NA - toilet.jpg

Here's the toilet room. Cultural note: The toilet is viewed to be really dirty here, so it is put in its own room. Which I actually think is great. That way if Court's in the shower I can go to the bathroom and we still only have one bathroom.

(And, yes we took the apartment with the fancy toilet seat. We (I) figured it would cut down on our toilet paper consumption. Actually, the real reason we choose this apartment (Or the real reasons Court choose this apartment) were it is on the top floor, so no one above us. And they layout was different, in this apartment we have windows on both sides so we can get a good crossbreeze coming through. I just wanted the toilet).

The Laundry Room -

NA - Laundy Room.jpg

Yes, we have a laundry room. We feel so grown up having a laundry room. Well, that's all I have to say about that.

The Shower -

NA - shower.jpg

The other great thing with having the toilet in a different room is the shower is all plastic molding and it doesn't matter what gets wet. We don't need a shower curtain or anything. And it's excellent for cleaning. Spread around some cleaning stuff and spray it down. (well at least that's what I do. But, don't tell Court!). Other than that it's a shower.

That's our apartment.

We live in Nishinomiya City, in Hyogo prefecture now. It's in between Osaka and Kobe. To anyone not from here we basically live in Osaka, but if you are from Japan it is sacralige to say we live in Osaka. It would be like living in Scarborough and telling someone else from Toronto you are from Toronto. They would get upset and say no you're not. But, for anyone else you're from Toronto.

We somehow also moved into the rich area of town. There is a house down the street that has a real lawn. When we were moving in I saw two different Porsches drive by. Rumour has it, up the mountain there are houses that are five stories with swimming pools and everything. We will take some pictures when we venture up there.

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