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Winter Vacation - Hoi An/Hanoi, Vietnam 2006/12/30

The day the gut rotted

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We woke up and got an early start today. We had a lot we had to cram into the day. We had some breakfast at the hotel and then I went to get one last fitting at our first tailor shop. For the past day or two Court had been suffering a case of gut rot. While I was at the tailor getting fitted she wandered off to hospital. I finished up at the tailor then went to the hospital. When I walked up to the hospital I just went in the door with the red cross on it. Where I walked in there was no waiting room, just patients on beds. The "receptionist" either knew or guessed why I was there and took me in to see Court. When I went in Court was being examined by the doctor. He was a really nice man that spoke very good English. He determined it wasn't anything serious and prescribed some pills for it. He also gave us a better anti-diarrheals and some anti-nauseants. I think they are prescription strength so we will just keep them tucked away until we really need them. After Court was given her pills the nurse who couldn't speak English made sure that Court took the pills right then. It was quite a pleasant hospital experience. Here's Court on the bed.


The hospital here was also the exact opposite of hospitals from back home. There was no white paper to put over the bed and there was a door that just led outside. I was waiting for a dog to wander in, but it never happened.

Once we left the hospital I took the patient to her favourite Italian restuarnt to cheer her up. Once we finished lunch, we again had to go get fitted at the second place. Then we had to go back and pack all our stuff at the hotel. Once we finished this we had to go back to the first tailor to pick up our clothes. The woman at this store was nice enough to organize for the post office people to come meet us at her store. However, we felt bad bringing clothes from another store there to mail so we only sent half of our stuff.

In our travels we also passed this fruit cart.


This took a little while to organize and send it out. Once we did this we had to go back to the hotel, get our other clothes and go to the Post Office to send it. While we were waiting in line two Czech women got in line behind us and seemed oblivious to the concept of 'waiting in line'. We had to position our selves to block them so they couldn't get past us. We also learned that postal workers in Vietnam also have (or feel they have) a lot of power and aren't going to move any faster than their slowest speed no matter how many people are waiting or how big of a hurry you are in. Needless to say we had to rush to pack our box to send and then rush back to catch our cab to the airport. We made it back to the hotel in time, so it wasn't a big deal, but I was getting pretty stressed. The watch said we were leaving at 5:00 and I wasn't sure if we were going to make it, but we made it with about 20 minutes to spare.

We got to the airport with lots of time to spare. We just sat and read and waited. Except, for some strange reason there were two flights to Hanoi leaving at the same time with the same airline. It made no sense to me. But, this didn't last very long because our plane was delayed for 30 minutes. The only bad thing about our wait was before any announcement, which was quite frequent, they played a long clip of ABBA's "Happy New Year"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcLMH8pwusw. Oh yeah, they also did this at the Saigon airport.

We settled in for our short flight and they brought us some sort of meat paste sandwich that neither one of us ate. It didn't look or smell appetizing. We landed with no problems at all and met our driver to take us to the hotel. This hotel was full, so they put us in a taxi and took us to their sister hotell which had a room for us.

We arrived, put our stuff in our room. We didn't bother unpacking because we were going to leave early the next morning. Our room was huge. There was two single beds and a double. Plus a huge ornately carved armoire and a large balcony. However, the bathroom was dingy. This was ok. We were only staying for one night.


We left our room to go find some food and maybe some shampoo. We found some food, but no shampoo. Then we went back to the hotel to crash because we had an early morning the next day.

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