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Winter Vacation - Puerto Galera, the Philippines 2007/01/10

We actually enjoy scuba diving

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We both had to be up bright and early at 7 to be ready for our dives and 8:30. We ate breakfast and headed to the dive shop to get kitted up. We got into our suits and after getting the briefing on our respective dives, we all boarded the boat to go out to our sites.

Courtney's Dive-

I was doing my deep dive, so beforehand I was timed while writing my name and hometown backwards. I would do it again at 30m below to see if I had any nitrogen narcosis effects. When I did my roll off the boat, I met the group at the mooring line for the descent. I grabbed the line, closed my eyes and deflated by buoyancy control. This made for a much calmer descent.

There was also a wreck at this site, which was pretty cool, and much bigger than the other wreck dive. At first we just swam around looking at stuff, but then I had to do my skills (guage comparison and name writing). I think I wrote my name faster underwater than I did at the shop. After this we looked around some more; I saw a seapen, some lionfish, trumpetfish, another frogfish and lots of other species. It was pretty relaxing. On our way up we had to a safety stop at 5m for 3 minutes, which was pretty boring but necessary. We surfaced and waited for the boat to come get us.

Andrew's dive -

Our group rolled off the boat before Court's group did. We went to a reef that was closer and not 30m deep. This was dive 3 of our open water course. We swam around the reef for a while. I saw a puffer fish, lots of coral and lots of fish, I just didn't know what they were. We then dropped down to the bottoom and did some more skill review. It was a lot of the skills we did in our other dives. We ended up going down around 14m. Once we did this we swam around some more and surfaced. We had to wait for the boat then we picked up Court's group.

We all de-kitted and took a break.

Andrew's 2nd dive-

I went back that afternoon because there was more theory to do and we had to write our exam. Don't worry, I passed. Then we suited up because we had one more dive to do.

We got in the boat with 4 other people (Courtney didn't go) and found our way to another reef, where we all rolled out and split up. The other group stayed down longer and went down deeper. We stayed down for 34 min and went down to 18m. I saw an eel, another pufferfish, a lobster and a lot of other fish. We swam around for a while, then dropped down and practiced using the compass, which wasn't very hard at all. We surfaced, got picked up and waited for the other group to finish. This means that I passed the course and actually enjoyed the last two dives.

Courtney's afternoon -

While Andrew was doing his second dive of the day, I decided to take a catnap beachcomb and have some lunch. By the time I was ready for lunch, Andrew was back from his dive and joined me.

We decided to take it easy for the rest of the day and do some reading and relaxing. After lunch, Andrew showered and we made our way to Sabang to check our email and book a hotel for our night in Manila. We got some frozen yogurt and beachcombed on our way back to Big LaLaguna beach on our search for a restuarant for supper.

We ate a place with a big poster of Fat Bastard on the wall. We chatted and watched geckos for a long time before our food came. The owner's cat wanted some of my adobo pork, but she wasn't getting any. Right after our food finally came and we were just getting ready to enjoy it, the whole beach went dark. It was only about 5 minutes before they got the generator fired up, but it was still pretty cool. After our great dinner, we made our way back to the hotel in the dark. We spent a very relaxing evening in. (one side note: We saw the Filipino Resnet fixing a computer at the Fat Bastard Bar. He even had the loping gait; he was just missing the hat.)

IMG_2137.jpg IMG_2143.jpg IMG_2144.jpg

(Oh, and we also saw some little sand crabs scurrying on the beach! They were so small!)

IMG_2138.jpg IMG_2141.jpg

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