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Summer 2007 - Malaysia VIII

Rhythm of nature

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So we went on a hike today, and I was no where near physically prepared for it. It was pretty challenging; 2.8km of slogging up and down muddy hills and fording rivers. It was pretty tiring. Luckily we brought ample water and had walking sticks (which actually resulted in a nice big thumb blister for me). We did see some cool stuff while walking; more ficus trees and the red-striped variety of ginger, a pill millipede, lots of centipedes (each about 6" long), and some sort of way-cool lizard.

IMG_0001_4.jpg IMG_0002_4.jpg IMG_0003_4.jpg IMG_0008_4.jpg IMG_0009_4.jpg IMG_0010_4.jpg IMG_0011_4.jpg

We hiked and hiked and hiked some more. And after that, we hiked more. Then, more hiking. Finally we reached the waterfall, out final destination. There was a large pool at the base of the falls, and everyone went in for a refreshing dip to rinse the stink off. I forgot my suit, so I just wandered around taking pictures after I caught my breath again. It looked really refreshing, and Andrew assured me that it was.

IMG_0013_4.jpg IMG_3036.jpg IMG_3040.jpg DSC00010.jpg IMG_3044.jpg DSC00011.jpg IMG_0025_4.jpg

After hanging out by the waterfall for a while, we hiked another 400m to awaiting trucks to take us back to the cabins for lunch. We ate, and then I rushed to shower, because I really needed one.

The afternoon consisted of a lot of strenuous relaxing and photography. We did go for a little walkabout looking for some animals. We saw pygmy squirrels, Prevost's squirrels, and some swiftlet nests in an abandoned house. There were also some small lizards and frogs around too.

IMG_3051.jpg IMG_3068.jpg IMG_3085.jpg IMG_3054.jpg IMG_3056.jpg IMG_3057.jpg IMG_3082.jpg IMG_3086.jpg IMG_3089.jpg DSC00017.jpg IMG_3092.jpg IMG_3094.jpg

We returned to our room for a little air conditioning, and went back out to sit by the pond and relax. While sitting there, we saw two huge water monitors swim across the pond to sun themselves on the rocks. Awesome!

IMG_3048.jpg IMG_3100.jpg IMG_0050_2.jpg IMG_0053_2.jpg IMG_3109.jpg IMG_3120.jpg

After sitting there for a while, we went back inside, dropped off some stuff, changed clothes and went to eat dinner. Immediately following, we went on another night drive. We were in a much larger vehicle, which was more comfortable. We saw another palm civet, some wild boars, a leopard cat, and some flying foxes. We also saw a sambar deer, but only the reflection of its eyes. In the middle of the drive, we stopped the truck and sat under the stars, listening to (what our guides call) the 'rhythm of nature'. It was pretty great; there was enough light to see from the stars alone, and it's been a long time since I've been far enough from a city to see so many stars. It was nice. Except for the one guy in the truck that was reviewing his digital pictures and making 'beep' noises with his camera. But other than that it was a very special time.

By the end of the day, we were too pooped to do anything else, so we went back to the cabin, I showered and we went to sleep.

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