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January 2007


We finally make use of the fold-out couch

Well, we finally had company. About a week after we got back from vacation, my friend Carolyn stopped by to visit us as part of her whirlwind tour of Asia. She had been travelling with her Mom, but decided to come stay with us for a night. We met up that morning and grabbed some coffee and caught up a bit, as it had been a very long time since we'd talked. After that, we met Andrew in Umeda for some okonomiyaki. Andrew decided to head home and take a nap, so Carolyn and I went to the Umeda Sky Building to take in the view and look around and take dorky pictures. It was good times. We then caught the train back to the apartment and chilled for the remainder of the day, which was great. Until around 9 when we ventured out to let Carolyn experience some Japanese style karaoke. We sang lots of bad songs, out of tune and poorly (well Andrew did anyways). We stayed there until around 11:00 when after we got a couple calls from the front desk, we think asking us to leave. That and our voices were worn out. I think Carolyn enjoyed her karaoke time. I don't know if she enjoyed the karaoke or was just happy it wasn't a temple. Either way, we had fun.


64150003.jpg 64150004.jpg 64150012.jpg

The next day I walked her up to the train station and said goodbye. It was really cool having company!

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Winter Vacation - Travel day to Osaka, Japan 2007/01/07

So much for that wake-up call

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Well, Andrew rolled over to look at the alarm clock at well past the time we had arranged to have a wake-up call. Thank goodness we had both showered and packed the night before, otherwise it would have been really bad. Andrew raced downstairs to check-out, leaving me in the dark hotel room to do the final sweep (the key makes the light work, and he took it). The check-out went rather smoothly, if not in a slow and relaxed manner. We got into our cab, told the driver we were in a big hurry, and were on our way. The driver was playing elevator versions of various rock songs. Stairway was on when we got in the cab. I enjoyed it, but Andrew was too busy being mad to appreciate it. When we got to the airport, we got in a really long line to check-in for our flight. We were convinced the plane would leave without us, but the line moved surprisingly quickly. We checked our bags, got our boarding passes, and were off through security. Men and women had to go through separate security checks, so it took forever for me to get through, but no time for Andrew. Once through, we saw a souvenir shop where we finally found a pin, a patch and a neckalce for Courtney. We went to our gate where they checked our passes again. Almost immediately, boarding started and we got into our seats, grateful we made it to the airport on time.

The flight to Hong Kong was pretty comfortable, but I couldn't sleep because I was cold. We landed without incident and found some snacks and water to kill the hunger from the morning. We considered paying to take a shower but not for $11 US. Our stop wasn't very long; we boarded our next flight shortly for our next leg of our journey back to Osaka.

We watched The Queen, which was a great movie on our way and tried to get some sleep. We got back and went through immigration, got our bags and cleared customs in record time. The customs officer was surprised that we had only two bags. I think he expected us to have a lot more stuff.

After being to other countries we realized the Japanese really do go about things faster and more efficiently. We made sure we paid attention to where we were going so we could write directions for our visitors in April. We bought tickets for the Rapido express back to Namba, go on the train and quickly arrived. We debated hanging around for a few minutes because it was the end of our web shift and we would meet everyone going home from there. But, we decided we'd rather go home.

We got on the subway, then the train, then another train where we met our friend Christa on her way home from work. We chatted about trips and breaks until we got to the station where we parted and walked ourselves back to the apartment. We arrived to find two undeliverable package slips; our new clothes had arrived the day before, but no one was there to accept them. We arranged to have them delivered again after 7 and then got down to showering, unpacking and doing laundry. Thank god for the frozen Mac & Cheese casserole Courtney made before we left. We were tired, but glad to be back sleeping in our own bed.

And this was the end of our vacation. We had to go back to work the next morning at 10:00 am. We didn't have much time to relax. But, it was still an excellent vacation!

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