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March 2007

Kobe Beef

It makes Alberta Beef taste like a Midtown Steak

Our friends from Australia that we started training with and were neighbours left last week on their Southeast Asia adventure before going back to Australia. Before they left we all met up and went out for a meal of Kobe Beef. It was the most I've ever paid for a steak (about $65), but it was well worth it.

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Kobe Beef is supposed to be the tenderest (and, I'd agree) beef on the planet. They feed their cattle a special grain mixture and they give them beer. Oh, and I think they massage them with beer as well to stimulate fat production. We saw one of the chefs cutting up a leg after we ate and they pulled a lot of fat off it. And, even with the fat it still looked awesome.

We went to a small restaurant in Kobe, it kind of reminded me of the bar from Cheers except Norm wasn't there. It had the typical wood panelling and we sat at the bar, so we could overlook the cooking procedure. First they seered the steak and let it sit for a mintue. Then they put their seasoning on it, I think it was only salt, garlic, and butter. Then they doused it in oil and alcohol and lit it on fire. This did most of the cooking. When they handed us the beef it was still raw in the middle, but the oil was still hot and bubbling so if you wanted it more well done, you just let it sit there. Also, we got bibs to wear to keep the sputtering oil off of our clothes. The only downside (or was it a goodside) to this method of cooking was it produced a lot of smoke and we smelled like beef when we left.

P3172577.jpg P3172578.jpg

Then it was time to eat. Before they gave us our steak they sliced it into small pieces so we could eat it with chopsticks. Then we took our first bite and it proved that this was worth every penny we paid. It just fell apart and had so much flavour that I can still taste it now.

Here are a few shots from the evening.

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Sketchy Vol. I

Mom, you wanted to see them, here's the first batch









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