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Our Trip to Nara #2

To meet with Natsu

Last Friday we finally found a time to meet with Natsu. For those of you who don't know, Natsu lived in Amherst when I was in grade 12. She lived with James and Sally (good family friends that lived about 10 houses up the street) and was best friends with my cousin Amy. Now that you have the background, Natsu has lived in Canada since 1998 when she moved to Amherst and she just moved back to Nara. Which is about 1.5 hours by train from our new apartment.

We arrived in Nara around 2 and Natsu was late meeting us, but that was fine. One of Natsu's friends from Canada was coming to meet her so we just sat at the Starbucks in Nara station to wait for her. Her friend got lost, so our coffee turned into about 2 hours at Starbucks. It was good. We got caught up and we got to ask all the questions that we (I) have been saving up. Natsu knew it was going to be a good question when I prefaced it, "My Dad or James aren't here, so I've got to ask..." Then proceeded to ask, "Why do most of the girls here dress like hookers and the actual hookers dress like school teachers?" She laughed but she didn't have an answer.

We also talked about how she learned a lot of English words from kids (I think she learned a lot from Coltin) and how I've learned a lot of colours, seasons and animal names from the kids that I teach. (Side note: Dogs in Japan say, "one, one", which if you say quickly enough sounds like a little yappy dog which is really the only kind of dog here. And, lions say, "Gao!". I had to teach animal sounds in one of my classes that's how I learned this"

While we were sitting in Starbucks, Natsu kept asking if we had eaten octopus, raw fish or any other Japanese delicacy there is. We kept saying no we hadn't because when we go out to eat, we don't know what anything is, so we just point and say this one please.

Needless to say, Natsu decided we had to go out for supper. So we met up with her brother and went to an izakaya. This was fine by me because she could order all the food for us. Unfortunately this meant that we were going to try raw fish and Octopus and other unknown Japanese food. We had tried octopus before. They make something called, takoyaki, think of a chicken ball, with octopus and no strange red sauce. The raw tuna didn't taste good and didn't really taste bad.

This meal turned into another couple hours of sitting. Which was fine for all of us.

Natsu also was telling us about the time she met Ichiro. Which is awesome because my students are amazed when I tell them, "my friend met Ichiro." (Cultural Note: This is a HUGE deal here. I can't think of an equivalent in Canada." I also told this story the next day in one of my lessons.)

It was really good to catch up with Natsu, we didn't do much sightseeing in Nara this time. But, that was fine by me.

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Courtney is Mad

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Waiting for 10 minutes for the train home at 22:30 SUCKS

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