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Diversity on the streets

A study of urban manhole covers

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I have yet to determine why, but each city in Japan seems to have its own unique manhole cover. I have discovered that this is an easy way to determine which city you're in (they all run together, lacking visible physical boundaries). The covers also vary depending on what they provide access to (gas, water, electrical, etc). I've taken to photographing the interesting ones as we visit different parts of the country, and I thought I'd post the photos that I've accumulated so far.

IMG_00073.jpg Toyonaka - fireman
IMG_00012.jpg Toyonaka - alligator (?)

IMG_0642.jpg IMG_0633.jpg A collection from Kobe
IMG_0641.jpg IMG_0640.jpg

IMG_0463.jpg Nara - deer

IMG_0775.jpg Maybe taken in Osaka (?)

IMG_0571.jpg Amagasaki - dragonflies (?)

IMG_1276.jpg Hokkaido

IMG_1493.jpg Otaru, Hokkaido - otters (?)

IMG_0992.jpg Rebun, Hokkaido - wildflowers

IMG_1275.jpg Rishiri, Hokkaido - Mount Rishiri

IMG_00072.jpg Himeji - some type of flowers (?).
IMG_00063.jpg Himeji Castle is also known as White Heron Castle.

IMG_00022.jpg Sanda - some type of bird (?)

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Our Neighbourhood #2

The high tech version with video

-17 °C

It's been a while since we've posted anything. But, nothing really exciting has been going on. Except, yesterday I bought a video camera to take footage and make some movies of our travels and trips.

Here is the first movie that I've made. It's a short movie about our neighborhood.


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