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Some more Speilbergness

More video clips from our trip to Malaysia

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Well, I've finally found some time to put up more videos. If you missed the last set of videos, check them out here.

Enough with the previews. On with THE SHOW!!!!!!

It's Monkey Time!

Some proboscis monkeys we saw on the Kinabatangan River.

Silver langurs spotted along the river.

We found some long-tailed macaques on the river, too.

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Who knew Spielberg was with us?

Some video clips from our vacation.

View Summer vacation 2008 - The return to Malaysia on agc_cwm's travel map.

Yesterday I was going through the footage I took on vacation and realized I should upload it here. The pictures do some of the animals and things we saw justice but sometimes they do not. The videos usually do better. I tried to keep the camera steady but some of the video was shot from a boat. That was nearly impossible. But I think I did a pretty good job eliminating camera shake.

A lot of these are short, unedited clips. I'm going to edit them into a big movie sometime soon. I just need to make some time to do it.

Anyways, enjoy.

In no particular order, some videos.

Orangutans - these clips are of an orangutan we saw on our first day in Danum Valley.

Tiger leech - these were all over the jungle. You could see them stretching off from a leaf looking for an animal. The final count was two leeches for me and one for Court. Leo kept it on his hand so we could see what it looked like.

Maroon langur - We followed this monkey for a bit. Then it decided it was time for it to leave.

Flying squirrel - This was the second flying squirrel we saw on the night drive. But it was the first one we saw fly.

Termites vs. Ants - The soldier termites, on the left, were defending the worker termites from the ants. Watch the ants go in and get jabbed by the termites. The termites win this battle, but will they win the war?

Sumatran pit viper - Very poisonous. Even without knowing much about snakes I figure when a snake opens its mouth at you, it's a bad sign.

These are all the videos I have ready right now. I'll try to put some more up later this week.

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