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Travellerspoint Travel Community interviews a new community member each month. Guess who it is this month? Well, it's us! Click on over to From the swivellin' chair to check us out!

Oh, and in a quick update, we bought our winter vacation tickets yesterday... we leave for Bangkok on December 23. It's going to be Thailand and Laos for Christmas and New Year! We'll keep you posted as details are nailed into place.

To everyone who has been faithfully following us since we started this crazy Asia-venture, we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your support. We keep a Google Analytics account, and it is really interesting to see from which countries people are clicking onto our site.

Did you know you can subscribe to our blog and be automatically updated by email or XML feed whenever we post something new? You didn't know? Let me tell you how! Cast your gaze to the right....no, no, your other right.. OK. See the Navigation menu? Great. Look down.. see Main Page? Good, keep reading down.. what's that right there below Table of Contents? Subscribe! Go ahead and click on that. Let your fingers do the walking and the notification service will do the rest!

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Our new blog

Interested in hearing more from us?

On our last vacation we started to realize that we've made more travel mistakes than we really want to admit. This made us decide we should try to pass what we've learned on to other current or future travellers. Hopefully that will prevent them from having to experience the same learning opportunities as us!

If you are interested in hearing more from us check out our blog at http://smarter-travel.travellerspoint.com/. We are going to keep this blog for our trips, pictures and other exploits. The new blog will focus more on what we've learned and our travel strategies.

As always you can subscribe to this blog or to our new one by clicking the subscribe link in the navigation bar on the right side of the screen. And if you have any thoughts, comments or suggestion please feel free to make a comment.

Andrew and Courtney

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