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Summer Vacation 2008 - the return to Lahad Datu

semi-overcast 30 °C

This was our last day out on the river. We struggled out of bed again around 05:30 to take the morning boat ride. Not surprisingly, the boat left at 06:15, not 06:00. Everything here seemed to run a little bit behind schedule. That was fine, because we didn't really have anywhere to go or anything to do.

This ride was not very successful for seeing animals. We saw some

Storm's storks


oriental pied hornbills


a Brahminy kite

a water monitor

and more proboscis monkeys.

IMG_5873__Large_.jpg IMG_5871__Large_.jpg

In the last picture we think he's yelling at some kids to get off his front lawn. “Hey you kids, get off my damn lawn!”

After the cruise we had enough time to eat breakfast and pack before we had to catch our bus. We all met at the dock around 08:30 to be shuttled over to where we were going to meet the truck to take us to meet the bus. We had a few transfers on this journey. Some people were headed far south to Semporna (about 4 hours away) and some people were headed north to Kota Kinabalu (about 6 hours away). We were the only people heading south to Lahad Datu (about 1 hr away).

They split us up and took the people heading far south ahead first to connect with the bus. Then they piled the rest of us into a van and the bags in a truck and took us to a café to wait for our respective buses. We arrived at the café around 10 and decided to make a contest of who would get picked up first. We won. Our bus arrived around 10:30. Our van driver waited with us to flag down the correct bus. It wouldn't have stopped where we were sitting if someone didn't flag it down.

Our bus ride actually took about 1.5 hours. There were two little kids sitting in the seats in front of us that I quickly befriended by crossing my eyes at them. I made faces at them while they ducked behind their seats until I got tired. Then I went to sleep.

We arrived in Lahad Datu and we quickly realized that we weren't really big fans of this town. There is not much going on. As you walk along the street, almost everyone stops their car and asks you if you need a ride. Usually by yelling out, “Hello friend.” Because we stayed at the same hotel we stayed at last year we knew where to go. We just told these people we were ok and went on our way. It was still annoying.

After receiving unfriendly service at the check-in desk and them messing up a few things we found our room and rested to get rid of our foul moods. Once we kind of got over them we went down to the restaurant for lunch. Again, it was kind of lacking. Oh well. What can you do? (I suppose stay or eat somewhere else.)

We wanted to check our email and pick up a few things so we wandered into town. There is really not much going on in Lahad Datu and it smells kind of funny down by the water. We wandered around looking for the internet café that we went to last year, but we didn't find it. It turns out we were in the wrong part of town. We got directions to a different internet café, one that was in the mall. We made our way there and guess what we found next to it? A glasses shop! Hallelujah!!!! For a measly MYR5, they were able to fix my glasses. I could see again. Well, I could see before; it was just that my glasses had a big piece of tape on them holding the lens onto the frame.

Then we did the internetting stuff. While we were internetting, about four teenagers decided it would be interesting to see what I was doing. They stood behind me watching for a good five minutes. It was really creepy. Mind you I did the most boring stuff imaginable and didn't go anywhere I needed a password or anything. They eventually got bored and left.

We were fed up and went back to our hotel to watch the Olympics. But our hotel didn't ge the channel they were on. But they did get Star Movies. What an excellent channel. We were soooo tired of Lahad Datu that we watched a movie called “Lightspeed”. It was such a B movie that it was almost a C movie. It was crappily entertaining. We think they spent most of their budget on the helicopter, Mercedes-Benz SUV, and the python-man's makeup. A. MA. ZING.

We had dinner and then found The X-Files: Fight the Future on the tube. That was a step up, but still no Olympics. Court was stoked. After the movie we fell asleep dreaming of our trip out of Lahad Datu to Danum Valley. Thank god.

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It doesn't always pay to pay more.

Summer Vacation 2008 - Day 2 on the Kinabatangan

sunny 32 °C

What's happening?

- beep beep beep beep -.

Oh right. That's the alarm going off. It's 05:35 and we have a morning river cruise at 06:00. Awesome.


We pulled ourselves together (as much as we could for 06:00 in the morning) and sauntered out to where everyone else was waiting for the boats. Surprisingly, we were conscious enough to organize ourselves so we got the seats we wanted: at the back of the big boat, by the guide.

We launched and quickly realized that not many other animals were awake yet. We didn't see many things, but it was still nice and relaxing to be out in a boat in the morning. We did see some birds and monkeys.

We arrived back at the camp with enough time to eat breakfast and get changed for the three-hour morning hike up to one of the oxbow lakes along the Kinabatangan River. As we were going through the jungle, our guide stopped to point out edible and medicinal plants traditionally used by people who live by the river. He also showed us different types of fruit eaten by orangutans and other monkeys.

We found this little bug and Court got to practice using her new macro lens. It worked really really well.


We arrived at the lake for a little rest. Our guide explained that this lake is famous for some very large fish. He said that every year the people who live on the river have a large festival where they catch the fish and then barbecue them. We weren't there for the festival, unfortunately.

We walked back up the path to a spot where WWF is planting banana trees as a food source for the animals. Our guide said that elephants will come here to feed for a while, and then move on. We saw, but didn't step in, evidence that the elephants had, indeed, enjoyed the bananas. At this spot, another guide came and picked us up with the boat for a quick ride back to the lodge.

Then it was lunch / rest / relax time. We didn't do much in the afternoon.

The nature lodge offers the opportunity to charter boats, at MYR62 per person, to go out looking specifically for elephants. Yesterday, a German mother and son did just this, and they got lucky and managed to see some. They told the other members of our group about this, and they also decided to charter a boat to look for elephants. In our group there were 15 people, and 11 went on the optional elephant cruise. Four people decided not to go, and we were two of them. Budget restrictions, disappointingly. Y'know how it is.


We laid low until it was time for the 4:00 pm cruise. We set off and saw a lot of the same stuff as yesterday, including lots of macaques, proboscis monkeys, and birds.

IMG_5814__Medium_.jpg IMG_5818__Medium_.jpg IMG_5806__Medium_.jpg IMG_5660__Medium_.jpg IMG_5676__Medium_.jpg

Then all of a sudden our guide took off and sped down-river. One of the other boats had spotted these:



There were about 15 in total. We were really, really, really, really lucky to see them. There are only two herds in the area around the river: one with about a hundred elephants and one with about fifteen. We saw the latter. Our guide said that they are in one area one and day and move on the next. They take about four months to move up river and four months to come back.

IMG_5749__Medium_.jpg IMG_5756__Medium_.jpg IMG_5784__Medium_.jpg

They were all lined up along the river bank chowing away at the reeds. We sat and watched for a long time. But then, in a quest to get closer (we don't know if it was the guide or someone on the boat who decided to do this), one of the boatmen put their boat up on the shore almost next to the baby elephant. These elephants are not aggressive, but it still spooked the baby elephant enough that it turned and walked away. Which meant, of course, the other elephants followed suit. This whole situation was very uncool with us. We're going to write a strongly worded letter.


But, at this point we did notice a male elephant down stream. We floated our way down to see him. One of the other girls noticed that he was radio collared and he only had one tusk. We weren't sure why that was.

IMG_5789__Medium_.jpg IMG_5792__Medium_.jpg

We went cruising down the river some more. We didn't really see that much, because we were all still really excited about the elephants. Then we noticed that the optional elephant cruise was coming back from down-river. Our guide said that the other group didn't see any elephants. We felt good that we didn't pay for the other tour and lucked into seeing them. At the same time, we felt bad for everyone else. At this point our guide made the signal for 'we saw an elephant', flapping his hand behind his ear, and sent the other boats off to find the elephants we saw. Thankfully they did see the elephants, so it worked out for all of us.


We got back to camp around 18:30. We had a little more time to rest until dinner at 19:15. After dinner it was the night hike. We didn't go last night so we decided to go tonight. We left around 20:30. It was pretty dark and were gone for an hour. We didn't see very much: a sleeping bird, a slightly poisonous frog and a stick bug. But it was still great to be out in the jungle at night.

Then it was bed time. We had another cruise the next morning at 6:00 am. It was a good animal spotting day.

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